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Momentum Shake
Sabrina T.
This is worth it.

I've always been on the fence about powders, but it is such an easy way to get enough protein. This is the first powder I've discovered (thank you, social media!), that has everything I want in it--including third-party testing. Also, 7 items they add to Momentum Shake powder, I no long have to buy separately. I bought two bags to "give it a try," but will be switching to a subscription--we all like it that much. I don't believe there is another nutrition powder quite like this! Clearly a lot of thought when into its creation.

Momentum Shake
Josh Sparrow
Feeling Great!

I’ve been drinking Momentum daily for the last 2 weeks and have noticed a huge difference in the way I feel. The biggest difference for me is quicker workout recovery as well as near elimination of the digestive/heartburn issues I have suffered from the last 3 years. It’s been a game changer so far. I highly recommend it.

Momentum Shake
Carrisa M

I drink this first thing in the morning. I have never felt such great sustainable energy. This is the first time I’ve felt a noticeable difference every time I take a supplement.

Momentum Shake
Paul Alabaster
Protein shake, vitamins, and supplements all in 1

Great tastes, minimum liquid volume needed. No clumping in the cup. Great product. Only wish there was also a vegan option for my wife

Momentum Shake
V Brandys
Feel better

Great product! Tasty is good. I use almond milk with a touch of heavy cream and water. Sprinkle cinnamon on top before I shake.

Momentum Shake
Ryan Caldy
Clean Ingredients!! Zero Bloating!! I Feel Amazing!!

I’d given up on protein powders before finding momentum. The ingredients are so clean I can crush multiple scoops in a shake and not feel weighed down or bloated. Abs still popping! Also with the NAD, Mushrooms and other ingredients I feel a noticeable difference in my mood and energy levels.

Momentum Shake
Amy Sanders
Momentum has an amazing taste!

I have been in fitness for 7 years and Momentum is my all time favorite! I love the chocolate is my favorite and the vanilla bean is very very good also. It’s not to sweet like most proteins and it’s not chalky. , it’s something that I actually want daily and it’s taste perfect with ice and water alone. Of course you can add Almond milk and fruit It doesn’t make me gassy or bloated and it’s even great with a meal because it doesn’t over power your food.

Momentum Shake
Tommy Pratt
More Energy, Best Tasting Shake I've Had

I am on my 6th bag of Momentum. I was immediately attracted to this product because of the clean ingredients and comprehensive list of nutrients and vitamins. If you are trying to get all the vitamins and nutrients that are in this shake from individual supplements, you are going to be spending a lot of money. This is a reasonable price for everything you are getting and everything you are not. It immediately tasted better than any other protein shake I've tried. I started off with 2 bags and really liked it, but stopped for few weeks for no particular reason (life happens) until I realized I was a feeling a bit sluggish. As soon as I started drinking it again in the morning there was a noticeable boost in my energy and an improvement in my mood. I am 38 years old. I'm in relatively good shape and I exercise. However, I struggle with auto-immune issues that cause me to be vitamin deficient (especially B levels). My most recent bloodwork showed sufficient B levels along with other improved numbers for the first time in quite a while. It's also a really easy decision every morning. I don't have to waste time thinking about what to eat for breakfast and making it. I mix my 2 scoops with water and crushed ice in my Blend-Jet. I take it with me when I travel as well so that I don't make poor decisions. There are very few products that prompt me to take the time to write a review. Momentum will be part of my morning routine for the unforeseeable future. The last shake I really liked was discontinued, so sharing my experience is the least I can do to support this excellent product and company.

Momentum Shake
Kenneth Brothers
Definitely helps with energy

I was feeling real sluggish at the end of the day. I started taking Momentum and it has definitely helped. I feel better and it tastes great. I’m very impressed with this product

Momentum Shake
Hans Guenther
Start your morning right.

Momentum is my daily morning fuel. It's so much more than just a Protein shake and the best tasting chocolate flavor currently available.

Momentum Shake
Raphael Mendoza
Taste great!

The product is great tasting and mixes very well in a regular shaker. I mix Momentum with water and AG1 every morning and don't ever plan on changing that routine.

Momentum Shake
Dr. Joshua Gordon
Great daily protocol shake !

Phenomenal taste with exceptional ingredients. Customer service is fantastic as well. I just wish it was a little bit less expensive.

Momentum Shake
Valerie Smith, Spiritual Counselor, Mind/Body Eating Certified
Great taste PLUS mindfully sourced essential proteins, omegas, vitamins and adaptogens...oh my!

When I read through the pamphlet of what Momentum contained, I was very impressed with everything that was included. I already would take Vitamin B complex, Omega's, Collagen, and different mushrooms for immune health...and this contains all of that in one, PLUS more! It was also clear Mike did his research in finding ethically sourced ingredients that are at their highest potency, quality, and ability to assimilate into the body. I will often blend it with a banana and unsweetened almond milk in the morning. Long lasting satisfaction.

Momentum Shake
Grant Bowman
Noticeable improvement in sleep and energy

Great taste, easy to use, and the only supplement I have had that has a real impact on my overall health. Highly recommended.

The ingredients

Momentum is a perfect way to get the ingredients I want to help me live longer and healthier. The ease of mixing it with water and the great taste are perfect for on the go greatness

Momentum Shake
Bradley Hicks
All the ingredients you need in one place

At first the sticker price may shock you, but when you realize all the ingredients that are included, you will spend much much more if you bought all these separately... Quality protein, NAD+, Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid to name a few, and these are FULL servings, not trace amounts. Week 3 now, I've just started taking it, and it gives a great energy boost during my workouts. I recently injured myself working out and I'm confident that these ingredients will speed along recovery. I would utilize these very ingredients in Momentum already for that. I mix with unsweetened almond milk (the shake is already sweet enough) and tastes great. I'm hoping I see more improvements that I have read from others that use Momentum. I am confident I will. I will definitely update. Thanks for great product so far...

Picky Teenager Palate Approved!

I bought this for my son as a supplement to help get more nutrients while weightlifting and working out plus going to school. Getting clean food in a form he will eat is not always easy, but he loves the chocolate shake! The ingredients in Momentum are really impressive, both in scope and source, and I’m really interested to see how continued use will help him both mentally and physically.

Momentum Shake
Kenneth Brothers
Best tasting best results

My wife and I started trying momentum about two week as ago. My wife has an office job and i ranch and do handyman work. Both of us are over 50 and we were both feeling overly tired throughout and at the end of the day. After taking momentum in the morning some of our aches and pains went away and we have enough energy at the end of the day to finish chores around the house and enjoy the evening sunset. An amazing product that has improved our quality of life. Thank you

Momentum Shake
GJ Sequeira
Quality ingredients and a good serving of macros all in one

Took 30 days to try Momentum and though I haven't had "breakthrough" results it has kept me on track with my weight and physical performance better than any combination of supplements I've tried. The extra helping of protein in each serving helps me maintain my macros and the other supplements are just enough when it comes to rounding out my nutrient needs.

I was skeptical at first, but the taste is great and smooth, even in water! Michael is right, you won't find a better formula anywhere else for this price, and I hope he can bring it down in the future if he expands a bit more!

I will be getting more of these, and will recommend it to those that are serious about their training, healthy lifestyle, and want an all in one supplement formula that tastes great.

Momentum Shake
Chad Mulvaney
Expansive list of quality ingredients

This is by far the most expansive list of quality ingredients in any protein drink that I have come across. Yes it's expensive compared to a lot of other options but if you actually care what you put into your body, there isn't a better option out there that I have found. No, it's not going to make you feel 25 again but no protein drink will. The benefit is you know it's doing all the right things in the background to keep you and your body healthy and nourished. I do a multitude of outdoor extreme sports which puts a lot of strain on my body (currently in a cast) and I want something that is going to help me do the things I love for as long as possible. The taste is great and I have no adverse stomach reactions like I do with a lot of other protein drinks I have tried. It's light and mixes well so you won't feel overly full which makes it easy to drink daily. I tend to switch a lot and try new drinks but I don't plan to switch from Momentum unless some new miracle drink comes out and really does make me 25 again.

Great quality ingredients with great taste

I’ve been searching for the perfect protein shake with quality, bioavailable ingredients and third party tested for years and I’ve finally found it! Love the taste and I feel good in my body! Thank you momentum!

Delicious and Nutritious

Rare combo of power and grace!
One of our patients was healing at an extraordinary rate, and commented that they had been taking Momentum for a few weeks. Of course we had to try it for ourselves! Until further notice, this shake IS THE SHAKE! We feel great and we are spreading the word! Thanks for all of your hard work to bring us the holy Grail of nutrition shakes!

Momentum Shake
Michael Ronen
Delicious and effective.

Hands down this is the best nutritional supplement / protein shake I’ve ever used. It’s delicious and incredibly filling. I mix it with yogurt and some berries and am full for 4-6 hours, feeling full but not heavy. It’s incredible - nothing I’ve seen or used comes close. Expensive but worth it for those who can afford it.

Increased energy

The taste is descent. Adding ice helps. I’ve noticed an increased sense of well being plus heightened energy. My sugar levels feel more stable and my appetite is decreased. I am sleeping better and my gut health feels improved

Good supplement so far, and better yet, good leadership

My supplement did not arrive, which was a shame because I really liked it. The owner or someone who deals with the clientele via text, offered to mail me another one free of cost. This a proud thing for a company in this day age. Thank you.