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Outstanding Product

I can honestly say this is the BEST tasting protein powder I’ve ever had (Vanilla). Mixes well, no clumps, no after taste, doesn’t bloat me or give me GI issues. I’ve tried many brands since I was a teenager, I’m now 55 and Momentum got it right.

Momentum Shake
Patrick Jones
Feeling the energy

I started 2 weeks ago and definitely feel a difference. But I do take other supplements that may synergistically create the energy I am feeling. Either way I love the Momentum Shake!

There's nothing like that Momentum energy boost. Thanks for your review, Patrick!

Momentum Shake
Ralf Sifford
Love the Momentum shake!

Great taste and easy to use. Mixes easy and goes down easy. I use it every day without fail!

Thanks for the kind words today and for being our customer, Ralf!

Momentum Shake
Jen McFatter
Delish and full of everything I need!

I have switched my entire family over to the Momentum brand for protein shakes. After much review and looking into ingredients, this special blend cannot be beat. And it tastes delicious.

We're thrilled to hear that you and your family are loving our shakes! We put a lot of effort into creating a formula that not only provides all the necessary nutrients, but also tastes delicious. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review- it means the world to us!

Momentum Shake
Kevin Haines
My favorite protein shake of all time, modern marvel!

This stuff is super good and easy to digest. I make ice cream out of it. It is my favorite treat. Cannot say enough good things about the product and company.

We appreciate your support and kind words, Kevin. Momentum ice cream is an amazing way to end the day!

Momentum Shake
Gregory Tyler
Tastes good and simplified my morning shake

I was taking all of these ingredients individually and my morning shake had gone from a time saver to a tedious measuring session on par with a chemistry lab. Momentum combined many things in meaningful quantities into a one stop shop. It’s also cheaper than buying everything individually. Win’s across the board

Simplification is our goal, and we're so happy to hear that Momentum has paid off this way for you, Gregory!

Great Product - excellent service

This is by far the best wellness & supplement that I have enjoyed. The taste is what you’d expect from a powder with such a broad list of ingredients. I have been mixing with milk which makes a huge different for me in terms of texture & digestion. The mixer works really well for me - admittedly I often give it a stir between shakes to avoid powder residue. However - overall - Momentum is a really great product and is a great pre exercise or recovery shake.

We appreciate you for sharing your experience with us, Stuart!

Momentum Shake
william. Piotrowski
High end product in a plastic bag ?

Taste is middle of the field at best.
Absolutely does not mix well.
Plastic bag seal broke while opening.
Product Absolutely does not match price point.
Won't be buying again.

We're sorry to hear to hear about your experience, William! Please reach out to us if you'd like to chat through any of this in more detail. We very much appreciate you giving Momentum a try.

The game changer I've been looking for!

My wife and I are LOVING Momentum. I learned about it from an interview Mike did on Ryan Daniel Moran's YouTube channel. He struck me as very genuine and the product sounded intriguing. So we gave it a shot. I like to have one scoop with a cup of cold coffee, twice a day. It's still cheaper than what I was spending at Starbucks and I feel 110% better. I highly recommend it!

Many thanks for the kind words, Ryan! What a great idea to mix Momentum in your coffee and spread out the dose. So happy to have you as a customer!

Momentum Shake
Sharon Dufrene
The energy

It’s amazing the energy that it has given me! I’m older and was feeling sluggish each day but the shake has really helped me. The flavor is also a plus! I start my morning with it.

We love our longtime subscribers! Thanks for the review, Sharon!

Momentum Shake
Tony Brooks
Biohacked genius

I am always looking to up my game— and momentum did it. A protein / wellness / bio hacking genius. Love this shake and will take it for years to come. Energy, sleep and workouts have been upleveled for sure since starting this daily routine.

We're so happy to hear about your experience, Tony! Many thanks for making us an integral part of your daily routine!

Delicious flavor

I've tried a number of protein drinks over the years, but this tastes the best by far: both the vanilla and chocolate are delicious. I appreciate the natural ingredients and quantity of vitamins necessary a very active person in their 50s.

Thanks for the kind words, Teal!

Tastes great.

Chocolate tastes great. Mixes easily.

Thanks David! We agree whole-heartedly on the taste!

Love it!

I notice that I have more sustainable energy when I drink the shake and it tastes great too! I mix it with almond milk and drink it for breakfast each day!

Thanks for sharing your experience, Julie. Love to have you as part of the Momentum family!

Momentum Shake
It has improved our overall well being

My husband and I are in our 60's and are active with pickleball, walking for exercise, and golf. Momentum has greatly improved our joint aches and pains that come with age and has increased our overall energy. I've noticed an improvement in my skin tightness with fewer wrinkles and crepiness, especially in my hands.
I like that Momentum contains sugar and not sugar substitutes. I don't like the flavor of products with sugar substitutes. My husband likes the chocolate blended in the Vitamix with milk, ice, and a banana for breakfast. I prefer the vanilla or half and half vanilla and chocolate mixed with oat milk and a banana for breakfast. To keep it from getting too frothy, we mix our ingredients in the Vitamix first, then add Momentum and mix on low for 30 seconds. it's delicious and keeps us feeling full until lunchtime. Thank you for developing such a great product!

Wow! We love to hear how Momentum fits into your fantastically active lifestyle and the benefits you've been experiencing. Many thanks for sharing your recipes and your feedback!

Momentum Shake
cort Wagner
Quality of ingredients

Great to blend, smooth taste, easily digested, no bloating. It's a great mid day meal shake I use daily.
You can't replace all these nutrients, so very worth the price

Thanks for the high praise, Cort, and for being our customer :)

Momentum Shake
Lars Hedenborg
Everything good for me in one shake

Can’t say enough about this product. Recommended to me by one of the nations leading longevity docs, Momentum is a must if you are seeking long term health and vitality.

Thanks for the kind words and for letting us take part in your health journey, Lars!

Momentum Shake
Kevin Brenner, MD, FACS
It gives me everything I need each morning!!!

I have tried multiple protein and supplement shakes for myself, but none come close to the quality and selection of the items in MOMENTUM. I just mix it with some Oat Milk first thing in the morning, and I am good to til lunch....if not later. It sustains me during long surgical procedures while I am operating. I love this product so much that I am starting to incorporate it into my surgical patient's recovery protocol. Look out are going to have to increase production!!! YouTube video placeholder

Amazing to hear that you're recommending Momentum to your patients, Kevin. Thanks so much for sharing your experience!

Momentum Shake
Kevin H.
Unmatched Protein

The ingredients are unmatched. I haven’t found a protein like it on the market. High quality, incredible blend of nutrients and vitamin's. Great post workout to fuel muscle recovery . Customer service is top notch.

Many, many thanks for the kind words! We're so happy to be a part of your health journey :)

Momentum Shake
Michelle S.
Tastes Amazing!

I can’t believe how good this shake tastes. I look forward to it every day and if I could drink more than one per day (you can’t) I would! It’s really healthy with all the vitamins you need. If you’re on the fence definitely check it out. You won’t regret it!

Your kind words made our day, Michelle! We can't thank you enough for recommending Momentum.

Complete Supplement

Momentum sparked my curiosity because it contained all the vital vitamins/minerals that most people are deficient in as well the coveted NMN supplement to assist in longevity.. Before Momemtum, I was taking supplements individually. Now all I have to do is drink a shake in the morning and my vitamin supplementation is covered. Great taste and mixes well.

There's so much value in simplicity. Thanks for your review and for sharing your experience, Bryan!


The quality and taste of this shake leaves me craving for tomorrow so I can have my next dose. Awesome Shake!

High praise! The best way to start the day. Thanks Luke!

Great quality ingredients, superior taste

Truly the best, highest quality protein shake on the market with zero BS! Highly recommend!

Transparency is so incredibly important to us. Thanks for seeing that value and for being a Momentum customer, Janice!

Momentum Shake
Mateo Ruiz
Great ingredients, awesome taste

Purchased vanilla, great vanilla / cinnamon taste. Very happy with the product

Thanks for taking the time to leave us your review, Mateo!

Momentum Shake
Kathy Pavone
Great Product

I love this product, I mix both flavors and tastes delicious. My body feels the difference in the week I've been using it.

Mixing flavors is an excellent choice! Thanks for the review and for becoming a customer, Kathy.