Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you third-party test Momentum for safety?

Absolutely! We independently test our product to make sure Momentum is free of heavy metals, pesticides, mold, bacteria, gluten, and soy. We also test to ensure our ingredients maintain their purity at the dosage level we promise. 

Whats your return policy?

If you don’t like Momentum for any reason, you can request a full refund on your one bag with no return necessary.

We cannot accept unopened returns because it is a food item.

You can cancel, pause or change your subscription at any time.

This all probably sounds too good to be true, and it would be if more than 99% of people didn’t love Momentum. We’re not joking, it’s the best there is.

How and when do I take Momentum?

Mix 8oz of cold water or your milk of choice with two scoops (62 grams) of Momentum in a shaker. Shake for at least 15 seconds. You can also mix Momentum in with your favorite smoothie.

You can take Momentum any time. Many prefer it in the morning or early afternoon because of the increase in energy they feel.

DO NOT MIX with hot coffee or hot water. Hot liquid will make your vitamins inert and sour-tasting.

Tips for mixing:
Mixing Momentum with just a spoon will leave it clumpy - we recommend using a shaker!
Over-mixing in a blender without other smoothie ingredients will result in too much froth.

What results can I expect? How long will it take?

Within the first two weeks, Momentum drinkers have reported more sustained energy, a mood increase, better sleep, and overall more vitality.

Within a month many people say their skin is visibly improving, their libido has increased, their focus and memory are measurably better, their anxiety is lower, and their digestion is better and more regular. 

Within 3 months, Momentum drinkers have reported their hair feeling thicker and shinier, measurable strength gains, and a reduction in body fat. Momentum drinkers' blood tests have reflected a reduction in cholesterol levels, an increase in vitamin D levels, lower cortisol (stress) levels and lower C-reactive protein (inflammation). 

Of course, everyone's experience and starting points are different. We’d love to hear your story and results!

Can I take other supplements with Momentum?

Momentum is comprehensive and designed so you do not need to take other supplements. 

It is not recommended to double up on vitamins or on NAD+ precursors.

Can professional athletes pass a drug or banned substance test when taking Momentum?

100% yes! There is nothing in Momentum that would cause a positive result on a drug test. We used the Informed Sport agency to test for over 220 WADA banned substances.

Is this like Athletic Greens?

We get this question a lot.

Sort of.. they are both health drinks and both have vitamins.

BUT only Momentum also includes full servings of protein, NAD+ BOOST™, collagen, fiber, hyaluronic acid, real fruiting body Lions Mane and Cordyceps mushrooms, vitamin D, vitamin K2, methylfolate, L-Glutamine, a full dose of magnesium, Potassium, copper, zinc, and Omega 3.

Momentum also contains real chocolate or vanilla for flavor making it actually delicious.

We don’t include trace amounts of things simply because they’re green, sound healthy or we can call them “super”.  If it’s in Momentum, it is a necessary building block of your body that is deteriorating as you age or it has mountains of double-blind scientific evidence to have a meaningful positive effect.

Can I use Momentum to lose weight or as a meal replacement?

Though Momentum has not been designed as a weight-loss product, it can be used as part of a fat-loss diet, by providing users with their vital nutrients for the day in just 220 calories. For this reason, many Momentum drinkers choose to replace their breakfast with Momentum.

The key point for fat loss is to be in a calorie deficit over time; therefore consuming fewer calories than the body uses to function per day, or expending more calories via activity and exercise. I (founder Mike here!) highly recommend adding 45 minutes of walking a day to burn an additional 300 calories and resistance strength training 3 times per week for transformative results. 

Is Momentum vegan or vegetarian?

Nope, Momentum contains whey protein and collagen.

The environment, protection of wildlife, and kind treatment of animals are incredibly important to us. So we support farmers that are doing it the best in the world. That's why our protein and collagen come from certified grass-fed cows that meet strict EU requirements for animal welfare.

There are no plant-based alternatives that are as beneficial and safe as our protein or collagen.

Is Momentum dairy-free?

No. Our whey protein comes from the milk of Truly Grass-Fed cows in Ireland.

Many dairy-sensitive people are actually reacting to the lactose in dairy products, which is naturally removed in the process of making whey protein. Momentum is 99%+ lactose-free.

Momentum also contains a special enzyme blend that helps sensitive stomachs digest everything part of Momentum.

Can I use hot water with Momentum?

No! Hot liquids will make your vitamins inert and sour-tasting.

Can I have multiple servings a day?

No need to! Momentum has been formulated to give you everything you need in just two scoops once per day. Double-dosing vitamins is not recommended.

We are in the process of creating Momentum Protein, which will be a blend of our incredible protein, collagen, and electrolytes that you can have as much of as you like per day. 

Do you have an affiliate or referral program?

We sure do!

We are confident you'll love Momentum so much you'll want to talk about it with your friends or audience. We will make a special link you can share that will track all sales you help bring in. Please reach out to for more information.

Is this Keto Friendly?

There are 6 net carbs in a full 62g serving of Momentum. This is actually less gram for gram then most meal replacement shakes that market themselves as keto. Net carbs are total grams of carbohydrates minus grams of fiber.